Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ngebut kawin

Ngebut Kawin
Ones (Ringgo Agus Rahman) work as cabby at Jakarta. pasan's close-fitting life not makes Ones menjada engkongnya's a nervous breakdown (Hengky Solaiman) old 100 years, one that aspiring wants dead at quickly. So spirit it Ones to make happy engkong, Ones buys engkong chair massages with debit to Rambo's Boss (Boneng). But arrears that doesn't be paid, Rambo's boss threatens will pull its taxi

New returns to country of Arab, Ningsih (Wiwid is Noble) leasing Ones's taxi to mengantarnya upcountry at Indramayu with iming iming money in large quantities. Aroused, Onespun accepts, but in the street, Ones shall pay all eating and jajan Ningsih what do a lot of. Reason Ningsih, she has traded dollar. Midway, its taxi walks out. Ones shall carry on the back Ningsih until house. Upon arrival on the house, Ningsih asks for Ones claims to start for its husband up to five minutes, with moneys additional promise. Hearing Ningsih has husband candidate, kampong boy that naksir with NIngsih, Cecep (Vincent Rompies) directly bewitched and hurry applies for Ningsih also

Ningsih's oldster does fit and proper test for Ones and Cecep. What is lie Ningsih will out? How is Ningsih's subjective final, Ones and Cecep?

(Puyeng ye ngarti'innya. Dah, mending langsung unduh aja filmnya)

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